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Filmmakers Rachel Stratman and Quentin Lareau have been filming all across America over the last two years compiling interviews with Millennials for a documentary looking to answer the question: Who Are Millennials?


The Millennial Generation is now estimated to be 75-80 million individuals in the United States and is currently the largest generation, even surpassing the Boomers. Hundreds of articles are written yearly about this generation and everyone wants to understand what makes them tick and predict what they will do next.


KIDS THESE DAYS explores what it means to be a part of the Millennial generation. Aged roughly 18-35 and born in the 80’s and 90’s, these individuals came of age during the Birth of the Internet, 9/11, the Financial Meltdown, Social Media, and the historic presidencies of Obama and Trump. They’ve been consistently labeled as lazy, whiny, narcissistic, and alternatively technologically savvy, team-oriented, and the next great generation.

How does age impact our experience? Can events define a generation? Can any one status age, class, race or gender define you? Who are KIDS THESE DAYS?

The film is currently still in production.

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